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About Us


Community Need
Families need a safe and nurturing place to care for their children when they are apart from them. Children who participate in quality, early learning programs develop better communication and social skills and score higher on school readiness tests. Children who participate in activities such as camp during the summer perform better academically throughout their school years. Children and youth involved in character developing programs form positive values, skills and habits that will serve as their foundation in adulthood.
YMCA Action
The YMCA delivers quality, affordable and accessible child care and early learning programs based in the latest research for healthy child development. Our after school programs include physical activity, nutritious snack and nutritional education. All children and youth programs are designed so staff and volunteers can work as partners with parents to grow resilient kids. They become strong in body, mind and spirit through program participation, volunteer opportunities and building relationships.
Relevant Programs
Child Care (centre based, licensed home), Before and After School Care, Preschool, March Break and Christmas Break Camp, Summer Day Camp, Swim Lessons, Swim Club, Family Swim, Karate, Sports, Crafts, Cooking, Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, Kids Club, Y on the Fly, Youth Night, Adolescents in Motion.


Community Need
Our most recent community health profile has produced alarming results. 60% of our population is overweight or obese. 75% are living with some form of a chronic condition such as arthritis, high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes or heart disease. In Ontario 42 cents of every provincial program dollar is spent on health care and without change it will be 70 cents by 2025. Twenty five per cent of health care costs are due to preventable illnesses. Nearly half of all cancer deaths are related to tobacco use, diet and lack of physical activity. Obesity directly affects the rate of type 2 diabetes and diabetes costs Ontario $4.9 billion a year. Our choices are creating poor quality of life, unsustainable health care costs and the first generation of children who will have shorter lifespans than their parents. We are in a crisis situation.
YMCA Action
YMCA programs and services promote healthy active living in an inclusive, values based environment. We serve individuals of every age, background and fitness level with the sole intent of building a healthy community. Research shows that making healthy choices enhances quality of life, reduces the chance of disease and injury and builds mental resiliency. Community members can count on the YMCA for quality programs, a helpful staff-volunteer team and access to all programs regardless of economic circumstance. Every year we assist over 1,200 community members in accessing lifesaving and life enhancing programs including camp, swim lessons, swim to survive, aqua fitness, gentle fitness and personalized training.
Relevant Programs
Fitness classes, yoga, spin, Zumba, sports, tennis, squash, basketball, floor hockey, aquatics programs, swim lessons, Swim Clubs, Swim to Survive, individual conditioning, Y Connect, Nordic walking, workshops, certifications and more . . .
The YMCA works with community partners, volunteers and donors to create positive community change and have the greatest impact possible. Together we will raise the most resilient children and youth, build the strongest families and support the most vulnerable.
Your YMCA is determined to create positive change in our community. Please join us. Give today. Make a difference.