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Opportunities to Give

Philanthropy is fundamental to the YMCA of Brockville and Area. As an independent charitable, not for profit organization, we depend on volunteer time and/or financial support from our members, the community at large and the business community in Brockville and Area. We are open to all, regardless of circumstance, including a lack of ability to pay full fees.
Through the generosity of our donors, the Y can provide financial assistance to those individuals and families who are willing but unable to afford full fees for programs and services available through their "Y”. Yearly, over 2000 individuals of all ages, including hundreds children and youth, have access to the Y through our Financial Assistance program. No one, absolutely no one, is denied access to the Y due to an inability to pay.
YMCA of Brockville and Area Charitable BN#11881 9747 RR0001
Brockville & Area YMCA Foundation Charitable BN# 83756 6892 RR0001

Commitment to Donors

At the Y, we believe that:
• Donors are the cornerstone of our future and our communities’ future
• The wishes of donors must always be respected and observed
• Everyone within the YMCA community understands and cherishes our trusted relationship
with donors.
Building on these beliefs, our staff, volunteers, participants,
and community partners are committed to ensuring that:
• Donors always have final say over how we use their contributions.
• We ask donors in advance for their consent to change how we use their contributions.
• We treat donors respectfully and with gratitude for their generosity and support.
• We carefully manage all fundraising costs to ensure maximum benefit to our communities.
• We provide timely reports on how we use the funds we collect to ensure transparent
management of all contributions.
• We ensure the accuracy of all communication materials to confirm they correctly reflect our
• We provide receipts as required and when requested.
• The YMCA and its related constituents never disclose privileged or confidential information
to unauthorized parties.
• We adhere to the letter and spirit of all aspects of confidentiality laws.
• Read more about Donor Bill of Rights and Code of Ethics.
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• The Brockville and Area YMCA Foundation on Canada Revenue Agency Website CRA
• The YMCA of Brockville and Area click here to donate
Annual Giving Campaigns
Funds raised during our Annual Giving Campaign are directed to our Financial Assistance program each year. These funds are used to supplement the contributions an individual or a family can afford to make toward the total cost of a membership or a program. These funds also support camperships that allow hundreds of children and youth to attend day camps during the school break in the summer months. On any given year, your Y provides our communities with Financial Assistance support totaling approximately $400,000.

Our Annual Giving Campaigns support and supplements this initiative. The public phase of our Annual Giving Campaigns is held during the months of May and June each year. During that period of time, a most enthusiastic team of volunteers seeks financial support throughout the communities in order to achieve the goal set out for that specific year. If you would like to be a part of this volunteer team, or would like to make a donation to the campaign, you may contact Anna Hudson, Executive Assistant and Association Support .

Our Annual Giving Campaign

 in 2016:

  • Close to 2,600 individuals of all ages accessed the YMCA and its programs with support from our Financial Assistance program.They made the financial contribution that they could afford – thanks to our donors we subsidized the rest.

  • we granted 2,613 days of camp were supported by our donors to children whose families could not afford to pay full fee

  • We touch the lives of close to 8,000 annually - one in four are supported

  • We partnered with and/or supported 20+ local agencies/ groups and their clients

  • click Annual Giving Campaign for more information

  • click Annual Giving Campaign Events/ Lunches


Your YMCA: a Charity in Action!The YMCA of Brockville and Area is the only charity/ organization in the area that supports and encourages physical activity and engagement for all. We are a not for profit charity, open to all regardless of circumstance. We are the only center that is available and accessible to everyone, no matter what they can afford to pay.


How can you participate?

• Remember us in your will.
• Remember us for in-memorial gifts.
• Celebrate someone, give them a gift in their name.
For additional information, please contact:
Anna Hudson, Director, Executive Assistant and Association Support

anna.hudson@brockville.ymca.ca or 613-342-7961 x 30.