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This manual, is designed to aid you in your mastering of karate. It is based on extensive sources and is not wholly original as I am not interested in reinventing the wheel .Instead it is intended to help point you in the right direction and give you  information to help you in achieving your goals in the study of Karate..The manual is not perfect and is a live document  .



I would like to thank Sensei Bill Pope who put together the original manuscript

I would like to thank my first sensei Frank Woon a Tie who introduced me to the Shotokan style  and pointed me in the direction of the resource rich JKA.

I would like to thank Sensei Jim Riddel who introduced me the Chito Ryu style and  to instructing .

I would like to thank the YMCA for making the dojo possible and their support though all the trials and tribulations that come with running a martial arts program..

Finally I would like to thank all of the instructors and students I have worked with over the years for teaching me more about this martial art than I ever thought I would know.


Mastering any form of martial arts requires dedication and study

(Japanese for “empty hand”), taken at its simplest meaning, is a form of unarmed self defense.  However, it is much more than this.  This martial art embodies self-discipline, positive attitude, and high moral standards along with self-defense

There are many different karate styles, names and levels of training.  There are just as many varieties in the types of students and their reasons for studying martial arts.  Perhaps you have decided to study karate for self-defense, to increase your self confidence, for competitive reasons or for exercise.  Whatever the reason, you have joined a rapidly growing number of people with similar goals and interests as yourself.


As a student of the YMCA Karate Club, or dojo, you will be studying a hybrid of the Chito-Ryu /Shotokan style of karate.

Many of the techniques and training forms( Kata’s) you will study are from The Shotokan style  .Starting in 2018 the Blackbelt grading will be


The Shotokan side of the syllabus is taught following the teachings of Gichin Funakoshi and The JKA (Japan Karate Association).There is a wealth of information on line on this style and we teach using the Traditional interpretations of these works.


Club Objectives

  • Enhanced  physical fitness for all participants.
  • Fundamental  understanding of self defense  and basic self defense techniques.
  • Self control and discipline.
  • Listening skills.
  • Self Confidence.
  • Public speaking and demonstration skills.
  • Path to success through diligence and hard work.
  • Clear understanding that you have to work for what you want.
  • And the occasional Black belt.


Chief Instructor and founder:
Sensei Bill Williams (4rth  Dan)



To download the full Karate Manual, click here.

For Belt Requirements, click here