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Heian Godan

This kata continues teaching reinforced blocks and double armed blocking and countering. Heian Godan, however, lacks the side snap kicking that is so challenging in Heian Yondan. Instead, there is a jumping maneuver that is fairly difficult to pull off if you are an older novice to karate. Heian Godan's jump is not the last seen in the kata, however. It is only the first time that the student of karate has been required to jump off of the floor in a kata.

Kata such as Enpi, Kanku-Sho, Unsu, and Meikyo require jumps that may reach high in the air, so the questionable skill of jumping is very important for those who aspire to be kata specialists. The mysterious techniques at the end of the kata, called the manji Uke postures, are generally interpreted as strikes followed by throws.

Throwing techniques throughout Shotokan Karate kata are likely encrypted into the structure of the kata. Why they are not more apparent is unclear. The last two techniques in Heian Godan,  are samples of this coding of throws into the kata.

Many believe most of the jumping is believed to be a relatively recent development. Most of these techniques are thought to originate from simple stepping actions.

Taikyoku Shodan. 1st Kata

Heian Shodan Kata 2

Heian Number 3



Heian Number 4

Heian Number 5

Heian Nidan JKA - Osaka Sensei