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Swim Levels, Information & Registration
D.B.Green Pool at the YMCA of Brockville and Area


Swim Lesson Quick Links

Registration Information

YMCA Lil' Dippers Program

YMCA Learn to Swim Program

YMCA Star Program

YMCA Star Leadership Program



YMCA Lil' Dippers Program

Splasher/Bubblers - Lil' Dippers Parented (3 mos. - 3 yrs. with parent or caregiver) 
Parent and child learn basic water skills, entering and exiting the water, blowing bubbles, 
floating and basic safety skills all while playing games and singing songs.

Bobbers/Floaters (3-5 yrs, child only) 
Skills include becoming familiar with the water, entering and exiting, putting face in the 
water, blowing bubbles, using PFD's, Front/Back Floats, glides and jump-ins.

Gliders/Divers (3-5 yrs, child only)
Skills include deep water awareness, Surface support, deep water jump-ins, front/back/side 
glides and front/back swims 10m.

Surfers/Dippers (3-5 yrs, child only)
Skills include surface dives, front/back crawl, standing dives and endurance swims 25m.


YMCA Learn to Swim Program (for children 6 years and older)

The YMCA Learn to Swim program is a four-level instructional program that introduces your 
beginner swimmer to foundational aquatic activities. They will improve their body awareness 
and motor skills as they submerge, kick, roll and jump in the water. They will be competent 
swimmers on their front and back when they complete Swimmer

Core skills include going under water and gliding on top of the water

Core skills include using flutter kick and rolling the body from side to side for streamlined 
movement through water

Core skills include coordinating arms, legs and breathing for smooth propulsion during front 
and back crawl

Core skills include front and back crawl stroke standards, treading water for 1 minute, 
and 25m endurance swim


YMCA Star Program

The YMCA Star Program introduces your continuing swimmer to elementary backstroke, 
breaststroke, side stroke and increases their swimming distance to 350m by the end 
of Star 4. The optional items give you child opportunities to explore competitive swimming, 
synchronized swimming, water polo and aquatic fitness

Star 1
Core skills include whip kick on their back, and 75m endurance swim

Star 2
Core skills include whip kick on their front, eggbeater as surface support and 100m 
endurance swim

Star 3
Core skill include elementary backstroke, dolphin kick, and 200m endurance swim

Star 4
Core skills include breaststroke, side stroke, and 350m endurance swim


YMCA Star Leadership Program

The YMCA Star Leadership Program allows your competent and confident swimmer to 
build on their strong aquatic skills to learn to safely help others who are in trouble in 
the water, basic first aid skills, and to improve their physical fitness. Each level has a 
component of learning how to teach others, and optional items include advanced swim 
skills, competitive swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo and aquatic fitness.

Star 5
Core skills include butterfly, throwing a buoyant aid to a swimmer, creating and 
teaching a water game, and 500m endurance swim

Star 6
Core skills include first aid, towing someone to safety, demonstrating how to teach a 
skill, and 600m endurance swim

Star 7
Core skill include first aid, teaching someone a skill using effective feedback, 
and 400m in 12 minute endurance swim

Swim Lesson Information


How do I register?

Registration is ongoing and can happen any time by visiting the Membership Services desk or calling. Swim lesson schedules are available here.

What is Rolling Registration?

Our program is unique in that we offer parents the convenience of registering just once for their child's swim lesson.

As your child progresses through the YMCA Swim program (moving from one level to the next), the Aquatic Host will automatically move your child into the appropriate class. If a class that your child should be moving to isn't available in your chosen time/day, the Aquatic Supervisor will contact you to help find another available class to suit your schedule.

There is no need to re-register for each swim level. This will be done automatically for you.

This is my child's first swim lesson, what do I do?

Scan your child's membership card at the front desk and proceed to the change room. Change your child into swim attire. Enter the pool through the shower area. Locate the Aquatic Host to sign in your child to his/her lesson. You will also be required to sign out your child from swim lessons.

The Aquatic Host will help you find your child's class. Each week you will meet your instructor at the same meeting spot.

When does my child's swim lesson registration end?

Our rolling registration runs from September until June. At that point you may register from our Summer swim lesson session. You are required to register for September swimming lessons each year. The date September registration begins will be announced online and posted in our YMCA when it is determined.

If your child misses 3 classes in a row we presume that you are no longer interested in this swim lesson space and your child's registration is automatically deleted to make space available for the many children waiting to participate (you may re-register at any time as long as there is space in the class).

When will I get a Progress Card for my child?

Progress cards are created or updated every 8 weeks. You may also request a progress card at anytime by speaking with the Aquatic Host.

Is there anything else I should know?

When walking through the showers or onto the pool deck,outdoor footwear must be removed. You are welcome to wear indoor shoes, sandals or walk in bare feet. All food or beverages other than water in a plastic bottle must be left in the change room.