Peace Week



Peace Week

Save the Date: Peace Week November 17-24, 2018


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YMCA Peace Week is a time when we celebrate the presence
of peace in our local and global communities, and reflect on the
peace-building work that happens all year both inside and outside the
YMCA. Contact your local YMCA to learn about the specific Peace Week
activities taking place.

What is peace?

More than the absence of violence and conflict, peace is the presence
of conditions like fairness, inclusion, empathy, security, and respect
for diversity. Peace is also the ongoing work of building and rebuilding
these conditions. The YMCA is dedicated to strengthening the foundations
of community-and peace is fundamental to strong and healthy communities.

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What kinds of actions create peace?

How do you "act for peace" daily?
Keep the #ymcapeaceweek list growing
by adding your own #actforpeace ideas.




Recognizing Peacemakers

A particular highlight of the week in many communities is the presentation of
YMCA Peace Medallions to individuals or groups who, without any special
resources, demonstrate a commitment to the values of PEACE through special
contributions made within their community - local, national or global.
Nominate someone for the Youth / Adult / Group for the
YMCA Peace Medallion by November 13, 2017
@ 4 pm. A Medallion Presentation will take place on
Wednesday, November 22/17 at 12:00 pm
at the YMCA of Brockville and Area during the Community Lunch.

Peace It Forwward

PEACE it Forward

If you've received the coin pictured here, you're now a part of
the PEACE it Forward challenge! You have 24 hours to carry out
a peaceful act (for a person, a group or a cause). Once you complete the challenge,
give your coin to the person you acted for or pass it along to anyone you'd like.
Need some ideas on how to act for peace? Offer help to someone who needs
assistance, speak up when someone is being mistreated, or check out more
ideas below. Don't forget to share your #actforpeace or someone else's on
Twitter during #ymcapeaceweek and beyond.
Let's see how far the coins and PEACE spreads!


















Peace Medallion Committee: 
Emily Wimpenny (Chair), Carolyn Poulsen & Christina Davis (YMCA of Brockville and Area Staff)
Harold Hess & Claire Smith, YMCA Board of Directors


2017 YMCA Peace Medallion Recipients:

2017 YMCA Peace Medal Recipients

First Presbyterian Church Rev. Marianne Emig-Carr
2017 YMCA Peace Medallion Recipient Group
Alan Medcalf 2017 Adult Peace Medallion Recipient
Michael Fenn 2017 Youth Peace Medallion Recipient

2016 YMCA Peace Medallion Recipients:

Peace Medallion Corbin Evans
In Photo L-R front row :
Marion Dalley & Mary Mansworth  (Honourable Mention,Peace Medallion Nominees),
Corbin Evans 2016 YMCA Peace Medallion Recipient (Youth)
Carolyn Poulsen (Peace Medallion Committee Member),
Emily Wimpenny, YMCA Aquatics Supervisor and Peace Medallion Committee Chair
L-R back row: Cynthia Sparring, YMCA Board  of Directors,
Harold Hess YMCA of DIrectors & Peace Medallion Committee Member
Diana Deakin-Thomas  YMCA CEO & Brad Speck, YMCA Board of Directors

Peace Medallion 2016 - Wendy Galloway












In photo L-R: Harold Hess, YMCA Board of Directors & Peace Medallion Committee Member,
Emily Wimpenny, YMCA Supervisor Aquatics & Peace Medallion Committee Chair,
Wendy Galloway, 2016 YMCA Peace Medallion Recipient (Adult),
Diana Deakin-Thomas, YMCA CEO, Sue Watts Employment Education Centre, Executive Director

2015 YMCA Peace Medallion Winners:

Peace Week 2015 Recipients










in photo L-R (Hillary McNish-Youth Peace Medallion Recipient,

Anna Hudson, Director Development, Communications & Relationship Management,
Leigh Bursey Adult Peace Medallion Recipient & Catherine Deplaedt Board Chair.)


PEACE Medallion Past Recipients
of the YMCA of Brockville and Area 
Adult Peace Medallion:  Alan Medcalf
Youth Peace Medallion: Michael Fenn
Group Peace Medallion: Refugees for Brockville
    c/o  Marianne Emig-Carr the First Presbyterian Church
Adult Peace Medallion:  Wendy Galloway
Youth Peace Medallion: Corbin Evans
Adult Peace Medallion: Leigh Bursey
Youth Peace Medallion: Hillary McNish
Adult Peace Medallion: Rhona Dixon, Canadian Aid for Chernobyl
Youth Peace Medallion: Jocelyn Noccey, New Hope Brockville Tabernacle
Adult Peace Medallion: Bob Carey, St. Joseph School Breakfast Program
Youth Peace Medallion: Vanier Public School Early Act Club

Brandon Timmerman

2001-2011 no recipients

Bill Heasley & Hank Gray from Loaves and Fishes

Dave Shaw, Harry Preston & Francis Clavet
from Canadian Aid for Chernobyl
Doug Locke, Volunteer Brockville and Area YMCA 
Brockville Police Department
1. Interval House,
2. Mac Peterson from Risk Watch &
3. Carol Tanney from the Ghana Group

Simple Acts of Peace You Can do! 

1. Add your voice to important issues facing the world.
2. Buy fair-trade, local or organic.
3. Talk with children about the many ways they can contribute to peace.
4. Give a donation to support an international cause.
5. Stay informed about community issues.
6. Learn about other cultures through films or books.
7. Help an elderly neighbour.
8. Share your commitment to peace with others.
9. Start a blog on peace issues.
10. Assist newcomers in adapting to your community.
11. Meditate or do yoga.
12. Conserve water and energy.
13. Organize a peace themed event at your school.
14. Listen deeply to others.
15. Collect donations for local food banks.
16. Join a neighbourhood community group.
17. Resolve conflict through peaceful discussion.
18. Post a video about your message of peace online.
19. Hold a peace march in your community.
20. Volunteer with the YMCA or another peace focused organization.
21. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
22. Visit diverse areas of worship in your community.
23. Keep an open mind.
24. Ask questions rather than make assumptions.
25. Be the change you want to see in the world.