Strategic Plan



Strategic Plan 2013-2017

YMCA Strategic Plan

Ignite. Inspire. Innovate. Impact.

The Time is Now... Your YMCA has a 150-year tradition of rising to meet the needs of the communities it serves. Each decade has ushered in new realities, which have shifted our focus and left its mark on the ways we have responded to those realities.

Today, the declining health of kids and families in Canada is the new reality. Our case for change is strong.
The Community We Have
This is the first generation of children that is not expected to live as long as
their parents Why?
The Community We Want
Imagine living in a thriving, healthy community. A community that is cosmopolitan, dynamic, and diverse. One in which, people of all ages see a place for themselves, and develop a keen sense of belonging. Where young and talented people are choosing to remain home, and former residents who have left over the decades return.
The YMCA is a key part of what our community needs today to respond to the declining health of Canadian children and families ñ and what it will be tomorrow.
Strengthening community is our cause. Transforming lives is what we do.
The YMCA We Need
Outstanding and transformational moments happen every day at the YMCA. It is imperative that those moments continue to happen, and the YMCA remain relevant and responsive to the community. Your YMCA is here today, because the people of Leeds and Grenville want it to be here. It is of the community and for the community. At your YMCA people grow, give and get connected. Now we need to do more. We need to respond quickly and boldly to the changing trends affecting our kids and families. We must become a community catalyst for healthy living, personal development and social responsibility. We need to be valued as a charity, community advocate and partner to create lasting social change.
Strategic Summary
To achieve our vision, this plan focuses on four key strategic objectives. These objectives are interdependent ñ the achievement in one area will strengthen our capacity to achieve outcomes in another area.
• My Y Opens Doors
• We will expand our reach to create opportunities for people to learn, lead, work and play.
• Grow membership and participation through program and facility renewal.
• Extend programs and services to underserved communities.
• Increase engagement and services to various demographics.
• My Y Changes Lives
• We will inspire healthy living to create significant and sustainable change for our children and families.
• Ignite community change through advocacy, collaboration and education
• Provide information, motivation and opportunities for individuals to pursue healthy living in spirit, mind and body.
• Engage and develop leaders and volunteers in our communities.
• My Y is a Change Maker
• We will build our brand to create a culture of community collaboration and ownership of our collective health.
• Increase awareness of the community value of our YMCA.
• Create a philanthropic culture that results in increased impact/access.
• Develop strategic partnerships that align with our values and goals.
• My Y is Strong
• We will deliver our promise to create the people, programs and places needed to achieve community health.
• Inspire staff and volunteers to deliver on the brand promise.
• Meet or exceed benchmarks for service standards, program quality, financial ratios and organizational strength.
• Increase capacity through innovation.

Building healthy communities