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Swim to Survive

The YMCA is excited to welcome over 750 Grade 3 students from 30 local schools to the Swim to Survive program. Swim to Survive is an important first step to being safe around water, and could mean the difference between life and death when immersion in water is sudden and unexpected. Over 500 people die in water related deaths each year in Canada and this past summer we witnessed an alarming rise in the number of child deaths. This is particularly significant in Eastern Ontario where we have open access to the St. Lawrence River and so many other bodies of water.

Swim to Survive is taught in three one-hour classes and includes three basic skills in sequence: roll into deep water, tread water for one minute and swim 50 meters. (statistics show that most people who drown are within 15 meters of shore or safety). It is not meant as a replacement for standard swimming lessons. Swim to Survive has been made possible to these Grade 3 students absolutely free thanks to donations from the Lifesaving Society, the Ontario Ministry of Education, the Stephanie Gaetz Keepsafe Foundation, Canadian Tire Jumpstart and the YMCA of Brockville and Area.

For more information please contact Emily Wimpenny, Manager, Aquatics & Youth Programs, emily.wimpenny@brockville.ymca.ca
Lifesaving Society         Canadian Tire Jumpstart
Stephanie Gaetz Foundation        Ontario Ministry of Education